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"because did there ( balal) confound (mix, blend, intermingle; mash) the language of all the earth: and from thence did scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.. The Gnostics took all of these pieces and combined them. If you are at all familiar with the story of Jesus, you should be. The first name is Yaldabaoth, the second is Saklas, and the third is Samael. So, you understand what salvation is: it is the union of two forces Mother and Father and that goes into Tiphereth, the Son, Bel-Ing. Among the Gauls, Bel was the name of the Sun. We need to fill that in us. [2][3][4], However, not all Gnostic movements regarded the creator of the material universe as inherently evil or malevolent. We are penetrating into what we call Christ; the cosmic consciousness. [14] 1 John 5:19 is even more blunt: We know that we are Gods children, and that the whole world lies under the power of the evil one.[15], The Christians of the first and second centuries, including the Gnostics, were tasked with the monumental project of figuring out what to do with the Old Testament that they were supplanting with their own New Testament. In the words of Simone Ptrement, they were attempting to limit the value of the Old Testament within a religion that nevertheless preserves it.[16]. This is the science that we learn in school: that a compound element is formed by conjoining simple elements. The word for spirit in Hebrew and other Semitic languages is feminine, so to the ears of people who spoke those languages, the name Holy Spirit would have almost automatically connoted a feminine being. Let us understand that when people say that they are Christian, we understand that they do not comprehend what Christ, the cosmic consciousness is to be Christian is to perceive that, to penetrate into that; not intellectually, but consciously. Given how many discrepancies there are between the four remaining Gospels of the New Testament, one can almost sympathize with Bishop Athanasius of Alexandria, who in an Easter letter in the fourth century tried to boil down the number of approved books to 27. Audience: Does Seth have two different meanings? The development of the sexual organs depends upon the pineal gland, because it is through the pineal gland that we receive the solar light, which then descends into our sexual organs. The rune Ar relates to Bar, Baron, the son. Audience: Talking about the central Suns of the galaxies, it is also said that we observe black holes, do they have any relation with this? When you go to hell, there is space even there. If you sing that, with concentration, you bring to yourself a great deal of solar energy. Those who fornicate become Bel-zebub. Mircea Eliade has compared these Borborite beliefs and practices involving Barbl to Tantric rituals and beliefs, noting that both systems have a common goal of attaining primordial spiritual unity through erotic bliss and the consumption of menses and semen.[3]. We will say that the land of that Ing is here in the throat Ing-Land. When Sophia saw the horrifying, twisted being that had come from her, she was deeply ashamed and afraid. [11], Where the Idea of the Gnostic Demiurge Came From. What is a vitamin? Thus, by Judas saying Christ came from the realm of Barbelo is to say that he came from the supreme God, whereas the rest of the disciples worshiped the evil god Saklas/Ialdabaoth. [8] (In ancient Greek philosophy, the lion was frequently a symbol of irrational passions. No, they knew that the Sun was the physical body of one of those Suns, of the Solar Absolute, which they called Ra. That depends on the priest. The letter Iod is the number 10. So, if we ejaculate the solar energy, the sexual energy, we remain in darkness. Thus it inspired Egyptian works retelling the story, but changing its details to mock the Jews and exalt Egypt and its gods. The Bar is Ing, son of the Earth. The Master Samael says, when going down into a particular, individual galaxy: We need to fill the inexhaustible bag of great possibilities. Sirius is talked about in many texts of ancient Egypt; in the past, they knew about this. As machines, we feed the planet. Audience: Could you explain the first slide with the extract from the Pistis Sophia, mentioning that only one is element is brought from Barbelo, and that the others are from the treasury of the Light? 2008. I said to you that I was meditating on this, and while meditating a friend of mine, whose name is Christian, came into my experience. Since the goal of dharma, yoga, or gnosis is to follow our inner Being, and to focus on divinity not terrestrial personalities, the lecturers remain anonymous, and do not broadcast their names, faces, or personal information. That sexual development occurs in the woman too. But, there is another element that we have spoken about in other lectures, called Prana (energy). But, that Elijah that is being addressed here is not a person, but the solar light that has to build, within each one of us, the solar bodies. Pure light radiates between the Spirit and Barbelo. [h] Thus he rendered Yald' Abaoth as 'begetter of Sabaoth'. You find Belilin in Psalm 49: 12. But, nowadays, ignoramuses think that the Egyptians were so ignorant, that they were worshiping the physical Sun. And then, in the centre of those mirrors, the wise man placed a candle, and lit it. The infinite is reversible towards the navel, that is in all quantifiable points. So, the nest of the Yod, in us, as a serpent, is the sexual organs. saklas and barbelovet tech jackets. Note, by the way, that the Gnostics could arrive at this position even while upholding the sanctity of the Jewish scriptures: everything those books said was accurate, but their authors had been ignorant of the true meaning of what they had written about.[18]. (This sinister fable occurs in only one of the four authorized Gospels, but it was enoughand Mel Gibson recently coined himself 40 million pieces of silver by attempting to revive it. Lost Christianities: The Battles for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew. Is it a Spirit? Thus, Beth-Lehem, is the house of the bread. We do not see the ultra-violet light. Those Bars, or Ings, are the sons of Belit-Ili (the Moon and the Earth) and Bel (the Sun). Thus, Babel, is the gate of the Sun. All of the Suns, in themselves, form a singular force, which is Barbelo; the son of Bel, the Sun of the Sun. I dont normally mind offending holy men, but I can remember feeling absolutely aghast at the injured look that spread across the fine features of the Coptic Archbishop of Eritrea as we sat in his quarters in Asmara in 1993. The Judas gospel puts legend's most notorious traitor in a new lightas the man who enjoyed his master's most intimate confidence, and who was given the crucial task of helping him shed his fleshly. But, when we talk about that type of inter-penetration, the solar light penetrating and going out, it is what is called the Cosmic-Common-Trogo-Auto-Egocrat, the law of reciprocal nourishment of all living cosmoses. So, let us understand that in Yesod, sex, is where we have those archetypes, but, that they are still in darkness. We are in that space too. Imagine, if Master Jesus were to sing Belilin, he would gather the energy of many infinites, and send it from himself outwardly. Where is the Solar Absolute, Barbelo, in other words, in us? 2023 Saklas comes from the Aramaic word for fool, and Samael is Aramaic for Blind God or God of the Blind.[3] The meaning of Yaldabaoth is uncertain. Instructor: Yes. But things only get more obscure and confusing as you continue reading the text. Everything emerges from the Omeyocan, everything returns to the Omeyocan.. This he interpreted however to describe more broadly 'the power of generation'; thus suggesting the name to mean 'the bringing fourth of the power of generation'. However "bar," in Aramaic, means son, and in particular, "son of" the word that follows. How did the Gnostics get the idea that the demiurge was instead malevolent? The demiurge (Greek demiurgos,[1] craftsman[2]) is the being who created the world in Gnosticism. So, that is the expansion that we need. But, they think that they are just moving further and further away from one another, into the empty space in a never ending way No: The infinite has a limit; it is called the Teuhtlampa. 2010. p. 55. p. 154-156. If the world had been created by a lesser being rather than the ultimate God, and if the world was currently ruled by a demonic being, and if Christ had come to correct the flaws of Judaism, why not posit that the Jewish creator god was the demonic being who ruled the world that Christ came as an emissary from the ultimate God to save humankind from the creator? All Rights Reserved. But, of course, when we are addressing Bel, we are addressing the light. The supreme God of the Gnostics is, however, an unknowable God who created celestial beings called Aeons and Archons, one of which is this being Saklas/Ialdabaoth. What does the wheat need in order to grow? If somebody wants to investigate your archetype there, or the self-realized atom of Jesus of Nazareth, that person will find that his particular archetype is one with all of the Suns of the universe, not only with our particular Sun, but with all of the Suns of the universe. It is not as people think; that because they believe in the Master Jesus who came 2000 years ago, that their inner archetype will become developed No. Evil, Wrath, Corruption Affiliation The development of the pineal gland (Habel, the Bel) is dependant upon the sexual organs. Of course, we understand that: Yeshuah, the savior, comes from Chokmah (wisdom), as does Seth. The ING (son) of Bel, the son of the Sun, or Bar-on, the son of the Earth. This fragment may or may not be related to the Nag Hammadi librarya collection of gospels, including those of Thomas and Mary Magdalene, that were unearthed near an ancient Egyptian monastery in 1945. You and the Solar Absolute become one force, even though you retain your individuality. But, if they say that the origin of that expansion is the big bang, an explosion, that is wrong. The Gnostics: Myth, Ritual, and Diversity in Early Christianity. [7] Meyer, Marvin. She may possibly be the Baalti or female Baal of various Semitic nations, though the intrusive is not easily explained. At the moment of the baptism organized by Yaldabaoth, Sophia took on the body of Jesus and through it taught people that their destiny was the Kingdom of Light (the spiritual world), not the Kingdom of Darkness (the material universe). So, the subjects of that queen brought those 100 mirrors, and the wise man said, "Put those mirrors in a circle facing each other. It is very hard to develop. In the Omeyocan there is only wind and darkness. And she intimated that what has been taken from the Mother on High by the archon who made the world, and others with himgods, demons, and angelsmust be gathered from the power in the bodies, through the male and female emissions. Barbl (Greek: )[1] refers to the first emanation of God in several forms of Gnostic cosmogony. [13], Helped by these events, Hilgenfeld's etymology remained the majority view until a 1974 analysis by Scholem explained its origin. That is precisely the point. [f] Additionally, Scholem argued that based on the earliest textual data, which termed Yaldabaoth "the King of Chaos", he was claimed to be the progenitor of chaos, not its progeny. But, in the Aztec language they call it the Teuhtlampa, and they call the space, Omeyocan and so we use these words, because there are none in English. We will say that Prana and Akash are the duality: energy and matter. In the Apocryphon of John c. AD 120180, the second name of Yaltabaoth is Saklas ["fool"], and the third is Samael. If you observe a common, ordinary irrational animal that common sense is stronger in them, than in us, sadly, because we have the ego very strong within us. HarperOne. But, animals use instinct to defend themselves, to do what they have to do that instinct is intelligence that is related to the consciousness of that animal, or anima in Latin, which means "soul." The demiurge is given many names in the Gnostic scriptures, but the three most common ones are Yaldabaoth (also spelled Ialdabaoth), Samael, and Saklas. Claiming the name to derive from Aramaic: , romanized: yald bhth supposedly meaning 'child of chaos' in 1884. The fact is that the first aspect of the Absolute is called Ain, which means "nothing." He began asking, "Give me the 12 details of your own individuality." Physical description Without the solar light there can be no life on this planet. We need to be alive; we need to eat. It is the solar light within the plant kingdom. [38][39] For instance, Valentinians believed that the Demiurge is merely an ignorant and incompetent creator, trying to fashion the world as well as he can, but lacking the proper power to maintain its goodness. She was always appearing to the Archons in a beautiful form, that by beguiling them she might gather up her own scattered power. Now, where do you find the word Belilin in the Bible? An infinite is a sphere. And then, the experience ended. Master Samael Aun Weor called the abode of the Solar Absolute, in his book Hell, the Devil and Karma, the Protocosmos (the first cosmos.) And he is . Oxford University Press. p. 53-54. 2003. It is what is called in the Nahua language, the Teuhtlampa. The infinite is quantitative although necessarily spherical (and unquantifiable). The Gnostic text Reality of the Rulers describes him as an androgynous being, an arrogant beast that resembled an aborted fetus in both appearance and character. These are different titles for the same thing; what is the Treasury of the Light? In Egyptian mythology Seth has two meanings; positive and negative, it depends on the angle from which you study these things. What is a church? In order to understand this, let us give the example of the womb. The Slate Group LLC. Thus Blacks' proposal renders Aramaic: , romanized: yald beh, lit. How many infinites are there in the space? We will say that the union of all the Suns of the universe form that Solar Absolute. amanda wendler today; riverside methodist hospital general surgery residency Bar, which means son, and Bel (Belo or Belus) which means Sun. Contents 1 Overview 2 Appearance 3 Personality . Of course, he is a Master of many previous cosmic days, and now he is manifesting as a Paramarthasatya in this cosmic day; but he fought for that. How could the Gnostics have possibly come up with the idea that such a being created the earth? If you observe from the Earth the many constellations in space, you find that we have named them; the constellation of Taurus, the constellation of Aries, the constellation of Virgo and many other constellations made of many stars. He names them in different ways in order for us to understand what is the Treasury of the Light? When we address Elija, we are addressing the solar light, the Solar Logos in other words, which is precisely Barbelo. Saklas is one of the false angels was created by Yaldabaoth, probably being the first angel created by him. But, how much solar energy we have within depends upon the quality of work that we do, in order to gather that force. Barbelo is often a kind of sub-deity or perhaps emanation of "divine stuff" that comes from "the Father" or "the Great One." . Bel also represents the solar light, that a bowl, amphora, or the rune Ingwaz, can gather. So, this is how you have to understand the unfoldment, the descent of that light, little by little in us. The Secret Book of John. In The Nag Hammadi Scriptures. In English, we pronounce the two words in the same way. [16] Ptrement, Simone. The solar energy is also in rice. It seems quite incongruous with Christianity as we understand it today. Killing Kain means killing our animal instinct, and transforming it into intuition. Now, when that light descends, and then unfolds into Osiris-Isis-Aurus (Horus) do you see this? And to () Seth, to him also a son has been born, and he called his name Enosh (human being ); then they (those initiates) began to be named as the name of ( Chokmah).- Genesis 4: 25, 26. Physical Sex Such a view also had the effect of enabling the Gnostics to make sense of several passages in the Old Testament that had long troubled Christians and even Jews. notion weekly agenda archive, did roseanne barr have a child with tom arnold,

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